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What to EXPECT

Katherine believes in accelerating science out of the labs and into your hands, to inspire, ignite and create change. She explores the challenges of modern day living and asks how we can use our understanding of the brain ad body to unlock our potential and win at life

Your organization and event is unique and so are your people and the challenges they face. Katherine creates all of his keynotes and masterclasses bespoke for each client, so no two events are ever quite the same. Katherine will start with a briefing call to learn about your organization, your people and your event. Katherine will bring her expertise to delve into the challenges you are looking to solve and hone in on the change, impact and outcomes you are hoping to achieve through your event. Her events are always engaging, interactive and impactful and guaranteed to bring an infectious energy to your event, leaving you empowered and seeing yourself, and the world in a new light.



Topics close to her heart & relevant to today's challenges

(or we can create a bespoke theme!)


Uncertainty: change & leadership

In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, open mindedness, comfort with ambiguity and divergent thinking are essential skills for high-performing individuals and the leaders of the future. Backed with research on our brains on change, led with neuroscientists and psychologists from UCL, and as lead scientist on the radical interactive documentary, The Uncertainty Experts, this session galvanises individuals and teams to make better decisions, solve complex problems and take inspired action with the skills and capacity to navigate uncertainty, as a tool that drives innovation, growth and opportunity.


Emotions: decision making & agility

Emotions and emotional intelligence was once the domain of soft skills. No longer, neuroscience has recently revealed to us the vital importance of emotions not just to physical and mental health but to our leadership and decision making ability. Key to agility and adaptability and underpinned by our ability to connect to our body, a newly discovered sense known as interception. Emotional data drives  empathy and intuition. EQ is now rated as the most important decision making tool of the 21st century (Forbes).  Learn how to increase emotional intelligence, through regulation and processing. Change your realtionship with your own emotoins. Come with a open mind, leave with super powers.


Connection: team building & performance

Connection is, we now know, the bedrock of well-being. It is core not just to our survival but our ability to thrive. Through a fascinating exploration of the three lenses of connection, self, others and nature we can identify tools to amplify connection across both our professional and personal lives. Our brains are physically and chemically hardwired to be masters of connection yet how often do you hone this skill? As we look to the role of storytelling, empathy and imagination, body language and even ritual you will leave with a new fascination for the body and mind, an a new range of skills to unlock your full potential. 


Neuroaesthetics: wellbeing & creativity

As a pioneer in the  new field of neuroaesthtcis and cofounder of the women led creative neuroscience studio and lab, Kinda Studios, Katherine has a decade of experience working with creatives, translating neuroscience out of the labs and accelerating it into the public domain through creative design, immersive experiences and events. This new branch of neuroscience is everywhere. From fashion, to architecture, car interiors and city design. learn how sound, light, art, nature can all impact us in ever nuanced ways. Join Katherine's mission to curate and create environments in a way that amplifies connection, transformation, creativity and wellbeing.


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