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She has appeared as a science expert across the BBC, Sky, NBC, CNN, and Radio 4, including flagship programs such as The Today Show (NBC) and The One Show (BBC1) and Start the Week (Radio 4). 


She have appeared as a guest and been featured across a range of media including in 2022

Sky News, BBC Radio 4, Euronews, Ctrl Alt Delete Emma Gannon Pod, The Metro, The Independent, Siesma, Positive Luxury, 



She co-hosts the science show on Soho Radio and is in post-production of a new neuroscience series for Audible Originals which will be released later this year, as both writer and host. 


She also writes, co-presents (and runs the scientific research behind) the award-winning, multi-media interactive documentary The Uncertainty Experts with Sam Conniff, currently also being turned into a book and on-platform series. (It's a busy year!)



She also regularly writes about science and brains for VICE, Motherboard, Creators Project, Pavement Licker, Sandwich, and SIESMA and has been featured in The Guardian, The Metro, The Telegraph, New Scientist, The Times, Cringe, Stylist, and many others she simply can not remember (her mother might have cuttings). 

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